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Who we are?

Akshar Community Care is a Charity dedicated to working with children and families to inspire hope and enrich their lives. We believe that all children should be treated equally and have the same opportunities in life. We work with children, teenagers and parents from all over London. Our work today focuses on the social needs of today’s children. Currently there are not many organisations working towards the social betterment of Hindu families.

How many people use your services?
Depending on the activities we run there can be up to 200 people attending a workshop.

How many staff and volunteers do you have?
At present we have 1 full time member of staff. We have many volunteers who help run our projects. Our volunteer base is large, showing how many good people in and around London want to help kids. Whether people can donate their time regularly, or just on one-off occasions each and every one of them is special to us.

What is your organisational structure?
We are a not-for-profit registered organisational charity with 5 Trustees who govern the work that the organisation undertakes.

The trustees are:

  • A. P. Patel (Chair)
  • V. H. Patel (Secretary)
  • N. Palan
  • K. Bhattessa

How are you funded?
We are funded from many difference sources, the main source of our income being Government grants.

For more information about us, our work or other query please contact us on